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27 Jan

I feel like a giddy little school girl who just got home from back-to-school shopping with my mom. Remember how you would organize your back pack and play with all your cool new pencils and Trapper Keeper. Yes I just aged myself by the Trapper Keeper reference. So what, they were cool.

So what has me all excited? Well my new SMASH book of course! What’s a SMASH Book? It’s a creative way to take journaling and scrapbooking and smash them all into one cute and artsy keepsake. You don’t have to be a genius to put one of these together. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Which; I think, just might be my favorite part.

SMASH Logo On Front Of Book

If you’re like me, you like to take mementos from family vacations such as brochures or hotel room keys. Keep ticket stubs from the first pro-sport you and your hubby went to etc. Well when you get home what do you actually do with that stuff? Oh that’s right, shove it in a shoe box and say, “I’ll definitely add that to the scrapbook”. That’s what I say to myself and have continued to say over the past five years. Still no scrapbook done to date. Which is why the idea of a SMASH book is perfect for the i’ll-do-it-someday scrapbooker.

SMASH For The Moments Musings That Stick

Now before I get ahead of myself. A smash book is hardly a new concept. I remember doing something similar when I was in high school of photos and quotes from magazines. This is just a new fresh spin on the concept that makes us want to do it all over again.

I bought the “Pretty Style” in pink but have to tell you I fought back on buying the “International” and “Doodle Red” as well. They have cute and fun styles to pick from, and for only $12.99 it was hard to resist. This isn’t me saying I won’t go back and purchase them at a later date though, mind you.

What you get is a fun glue-stick/pen combo along with 40 inspiring printed pages. What’s nice about the glue/pen combo, is that it’s adhered to the side of the book by an elastic band. It will always be readily available when you want to quickly add something. Here are some pictures of my SMASH Book and all the fun embellishments I purchased from Michaels today. Be sure to check out the video below from its creators K & Company for a quick little “how-to” create your very own SMASH Book.

SMASH Book Accessories

SMASH Book Pads

This is the ‘Pretty Style’ SMASH Book that I chose.

Pretty Style SMASH Book

And these are some fun SMASH Pads I snatched up right away, as there were only a few left of each. (I’m that person that if I went back the next day they would all be sold out and I would then proceed to kick myself for not buying the day before).

Favorite Person SMASH Pad

Quotes SMASH Pad

Special Occasion SMASH Pad

Travels SMASH Pad

And finally, here is the video I mentioned earlier, just in case you’re still a little confused about what exactly SMASH Booking is.

Do you SMASH already? Share below some fun and creative pages you’ve made. I will also be adding a look into some of my SMASH pages as I complete them for inspiration to you all, so check my Creativity section soon.

I want to follow-up with you all about Smash Books and how I’m feeling about them after this past month of filling it up. As much as I am still loving everything about this book and the concept, I have two complaints, not big ones, but big enough. The first is the spiral binding that holds the book together simply isn’t large enough. Now that my book is getting filled up, I’m finding it harder and harder to turn the pages. Which is starting to get frustrating. The second is this pen/glue combo could really sans the glue part. The glue doesn’t stick very well and I found as I would turn pages, the photo or paper I glued down would just peel right off. Maybe this is what they were going for so you can rearrange your pages as you filled them up, but I find this part frustrating. Thankfully I have scrapbooking glue on hand, so I’ve switched over to that.

I know Archivers has their own version of a smash book where you buy the pages and fill up a 3-ring binder which you purchase through them. So once I get my two Smash Books filled up I’ll be sharing my review on that one next.

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