Valentine Inspired Nail Art

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10 Feb

Looking for a fun & unique way to show your Valentine how much you love him this year? Well look no further I may be able to help you, at least in a cute and subtle way that is.

About a month ago I bought myself a package of Stamping Image Plates through Bundle Monster (more commonly found at Konad online). I had played with them a few times but just found it difficult to use. With Valentines Day rolling around in a week I decided to bust them out again and give it another go. After doing a bit of reading online on how to actually use these stamp plates I felt more comfortable this time. The plate I used is BM09. (Tip of the day: place your image plate on a jar gripper to avoid the plate from sliding on the surface you’re working on.)

Bundle Monster Plate BM09

I’m jumping ahead, so let me rewind for a second and show you my main color first. I chose China Glaze in China Rouge. The pictures don’t capture how red this polish is. My lighting is playing off a more deep pink color for some reason. Trust me, it’s a very fitting and cliché Valentines color.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in China Rouge 711

China Glaze China Rouge Polish

To help speed up the drying process on these unmanicured nails, I applied a thin layer of the Seche Ultra-V (a UV Activated Top Coat) and popped my nails under my Curing UV Lamp. Is a curing lamp necessary? Absolutely not. Did I convince myself while shopping at Sally Beauty that I needed one? Absolutely.

UV Nail Curing Lamp

Seche Ultra V

I do want to add that the Seche Ultra-V is necessary when using the UV lamp. I tried using it while only applying the Seche Vite top coat and it just didn’t work the same as the Ultra-V top coat. With that being said, let’s move on to some stamping fun.

Konad Nail Stamping Instructions

I borrowed Konad’s nail stamping instructions to help show you how easy this process is. Step 3 is where it gets important. Once you have applied any type of nail polish (it is NOT necessary to use a Konad specific brand) you will need to work fast since drying will start to take process. This is where I got frustrated and gave up the first time. Swipe your nail polish and immediately scrape off excess (as shown above). Following that grab your stamper and very gently, I must stress the ‘gently’ part, roll over the image you want to apply to your nail. Slowly roll the image onto your nail. Once you have achieved the desired look apply a top coat. This is important to make sure the image lasts.

Bundle Monster Image Plate Love BM09

Love Nail Art On Thumb

I showed you a picture of my thumb to show the detail on the word LOVE. You can see there are tiny cut-out stars within the word.

Another quick tip, if your stamper rolls the image onto the sides of your nail, just take a q-tip dipped in polish remover and remove the excess. As you will notice on my pinky finger above, the letter L is missing.  This adds a cute uniqueness to the nail.

Have you tried any nail stamping products before? What are your thoughts, please share with us below and make sure to check back soon on new styles of nail art now that I’ve conquered this tricky little technique.

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