I Have A Crewed Interest In Essie Nail Polish

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11 Apr

I am loving my new shade of ‘A Crewed Interest’ by Essie. It’s a peachy pale pastel (say that ten times fast!) with a hint of nude. I’m usually hesitant with fair polishes simply because I hate having to apply a million coats before it looks somewhat decent against my fair complexion, but to my surprise this color only took two coats.

Essie Nail Polish A Crewed Interest

Here is my first coat. This is with no base coat. It’s about as streaky as I thought it might be.

Essie A Crewed Interest One Coat

Here is my second and last coat. There is no top coat here. I love the thickness and how great this color came out. It accents my complexion very nicely and in some lights even appears to have a hint of pink.

Essie A Crewed Interest Second Coat

And the finale, all topped off with a coat of Seche Vite. So impressed with this color.

Essie A Crewed Interest Peach Nail Polish

What is your favorite nail polish? Do you have a go-to color in the magnificent Essie line? Share your thoughts with us below and check out my review of  ’Orange, It’s Obvious’ from their Poppy Razzi collection here.

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