Facebook Just Got Personal With Facebook Covers

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27 Oct

Your Love And Passion Touches

One thing I truly loved about the good ole MySpace days, were the option to make your profile….well yours! It allowed you to be creative and express yourself. It looks like Facebook finally got this memo and are in the process of allowing us to free our creative energy into our profiles yet again. We’re soon going to be able to put a rather large image at the top of our profile. (See example below)

Facebook Timeline Example

In learning this I started scouring the internet for sites that would hopefully have cool and fun images, like the millions of sites that once existed for MySpace, and I found a site that had exactly what I was hoping to find at Pagecovers.com.

Pagecovers.com has so many great categories from their girly quotes, funny, television (because I love me some tv), fashion (of course) and even sports for when I’m feeling sporty. So now instead of being that avid status updater, I’ll turn that energy to updating my Facebook Covers….probably every day.

I’d love to meet the creator of this site and shake their hands to a job well done and needs well met. Now if only Facebook would get on the roll with this update, I have some bottled up creativity I want to express already! Here are a few for starters:

Marry Him

Versace Handbag

How do you feel about Facebook changing their layout yet again? Do you like the new changes?

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