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30 Jul

It’s official! This years Fall trend is everything metallic. Like always Essie is right there to stay on top and join in on the fashion fun.

I picked up Nothing Else Metals from the Essie Mirror Metallics collection and have to say this is the first polish that I’m extremely disappointed with. If you have any flaws on your nail base, this is going to bring it to attention.

I noticed after the first coat little cracks in the polish (see first image below) and then became really disappointed when it started to bubble after the second coat. Below is the result, all pictures are without a top coat, because in all honesty I knew a top coat was not going to improve this color.

Essie Nothing Else Metals Cracking

Here you’ll notice how prominent my ridges show in my thumb nail bed. I got acrylic nails about 14 years ago and this nail has never been the same. I do have to say I’ve never had a polish show how awful this looks like Nothing Else Metals.

Essie Nothing Else Metals Ridges

Here is the second coat bubbling I was talking about:

Essie Nothing Else Metals Bubbling

And here is the finished result, sans a top coat.

Essie Nothing Else Metals Finished

What do you think of this new Fall Trend of metals? Are you loving Essie’s new Metallic line? Please share with us below we love hearing your thoughts.

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