A Thought A Day: A Five Year Journal

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28 Oct

A Thought A Day

While browsing my local Barnes & Noble bookstore recently, I came upon possibly the best idea ever invented (ok well not the best idea ever but I’m really excited about this, so bear with me here).

When I spotted A Thought A Day: A Five Year Journal, the title instantly had me intrigued. I used to be an avid journal writer, but life got in the way and I simply don’t have time to sit and write paragraph after paragraph. What’s nice about this journal is you have four lines to write your daily thoughts and reflections. No pressure or need to get into long details about current events. We all have hundreds of thoughts a day, so writing four lines is so simple. I knew instantly I wanted to purchase this amazing creation.

A Thought A Day Inside Pages

I think what excites me even more was that this is a five year journal. As the years go by it will be so much fun to see where you were at years earlier in life. After making entries for about a week, I made another trip back and snagged up a few more to give as gifts this coming holiday season.

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