Icing On the cupCake With Pillsbury Easy Frost: No Fuss Frosting

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28 Oct

Recently, my husband and I decided to have company over last minute for the big game on a Sunday night. Being the little Suzie Homemaker that I am, I instantly went into panic mode. Our pantry was almost bare in the sweets department. You can’t have a football party without something sweet!!

I made my list and hit the grocery store. As soon as I got to the store, I immediately grabbed some cake mix and too-cute-to-pass-up football liners.

Football Cupcake Liner

I still needed icing and found myself stumped. Should I make homemade frosting on such a tight time crunch? Should I buy frosting and use my fun Wilton frosting tips? And then I saw it, Pillsbury Easy Frost, No Fuss Frosting. Yes I was hesitant at first to even purchase frosting from a can nonetheless, but I was desperate and in a hurry. I chose the Velvety Cream Cheese flavor to ensure the cupcakes weren’t overwhelmingly sweet and went on my way with the rest of my shopping.

Pillsbury No Fuss Frosting Velvety Cream Cheese

Cut to cupcakes baked and time to frost. I was nervous how this was all going to pan out. So I grabbed a napkin and did a few test strips to make sure I knew how to control the tip. I can’t describe enough how easy this little contraption was to use along with how great the frosting tasted. (Remember those days when you would grab the Reddi Whip from the fridge and load your mouth with a few squirts? Warning: this lovely frosting will make you want to do the same. I’m proud to admit I was able to resist, but maybe this was only because my sister-in-law was by my side).

In the end this specific frosting was such a delight to use and served it’s much needed purpose when I was in a pinch. The flavor was perfect, not too sweet and complimented the chocolate flavor cupcake I chose. Needless to say, these cupcakes disappeared before halftime.

Pillbury No Fuss Frosting Cupcakes

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