Flipping Out Over This Tory Burch Metallic E-Tablet Case

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1 Nov

While browsing through the Neiman Marcus website, drooling over everything I will buy when I win a million dollars, I spotted something amazing that I wouldn’t have to wait so long for.

Tory Burch Metallic E-Tablet Case

Tory Burch has wowed me with this beautiful Metallic E-Tablet Case. I carry my tablet with me everywhere, normally in my purse, in the boring black cover-up that it came with. ┬áIn the midst of spotting this hidden treasure it dawned on me, we spend so much money on our favorite electronic devices, whether it’s the newest Apple iPad, Kindle or in my case the Samsung Galaxy Tab, that dressing it up in something so boring as the standard black case doesn’t allow us to show off our favorite items we use on a daily basis. It simply doesn’t make sense. So clothing my tablet in this beautiful metallic leather just seems like the right thing to do (trust me I can justify any purchase when given the opportunity to!).

Tory Burch Metallic E-Tablet Case Inside

This e-tablet case features a double snap closure, an inside pocket for papers, reinforced sides, and more importantly the embossed double-T front logo.

I love electronic accessories so I hope my husband’s prepared; because at a whopping $165 for this case, it will be added to my Christmas list this year.

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