A Fresh Coat Of Polish Straight From The refrigerator

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27 Oct

I don’t consider myself a hoarder in the least except when it comes to makeup and nail polish. I can never bring myself to throw away a bottle, especially when I’ve been known to spend $8 on a single shade.

As a result of my polish hoarding, I’ve decided to take in the refrigerator storage method my mother has used for ages. Now my polish never gets stringy from sitting at room temperature for over a year or so of not using. Best of all, I never get those annoying bubbles that form after you’ve already applied your shade. I have shades in my fridge that I purchased when i bought my house, over three years ago.

It has been said, if you’re going to use this method to put your polish in a plastic ziploc baggie to avoid spilling or bottles breaking. In my honest opinion, this is more of a hassle than anything. To keep the shades from fading in color, it is best to not let the bottles tip over on their side. Well this is difficult to avoid when removing the bag with every application. So my best sound advice if you’re afraid of spilling is just to put a piece of wax paper under the polish in your fridge. This way if you spill, just replace the wax paper. But know this has never happened in my case of using this method. (Hopefully I have not just jinxed myself).

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