How I Benefit From Wearing Hello Flawless

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3 Nov

Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder

For years my biggest complaint about my face powder was that it didn’t exactly make me a ‘cover-girl’ if you get my drift. I struggled for the longest time to match my skin tone. I always, and I can’t emphasize enough on the always part, had lines around my jaw. This left me walking around with a slightly darker face and an ever so bright white neck. Yeeek! Not attractive.

A year ago I was introduced to the Benefit Makeup line, and haven’t turned back since. I now wear Benefit’s Hello Flawless “Never Settle” Petal. With 8 shades to choose from, I didn’t hesitate to settle on this complexion matching custom powder.

One great thing about this powder is that it has SPF 15. As you should know by now, with any complexion, it is not wise to ever leave the house without wearing SPF. With such fair skin, I need this even the cloudiest of days.

This powder is packaged in an eye-catching design (as with all of their products) and even has an application how-to. Lose your instructions and need a refresher? You can always grab it from their website along with their many product tutorials.

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Packaging

Wondering where to purchase? In the past year there have been Benefit Boutiques popping up everywhere (which I silently did a happy-dance when I realized this). You can visit any stand-alone boutique and speak with a Benefit employee for free tips and how-to’s. They’re also in many Macy’s department stores, run by Benefit trained employees. Benefit products are slowly starting to show up at Ulta and Sephora stores as well. I will warn you this compact is $34, but I’m personally ok with spending this much on a flawless look. Quite frankly, I’ll take anything that doesn’t give me those horrendous jaw lines any day.

Do you use Benefit cosmetics? What’s your favorite product?

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