Is Lindsay Lohan Now A Crashaholic?

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5 Nov

Can somebody please tell me why we are still talking about Miss Lohan? Oh that’s right, because she just had to make headlines again this weekend when she “allegedly” (there’s that word again) crashed Leonardo DiCaprio’s, J. Edgar, after party according to an article released by the New York Post.

The best part is, she showed up in post-playboy shoot hair and makeup. Who does that? I’ve got to ask, is she nervous we’re going to forget about her when she reports to L.A. County jail on Wednesday for a few hours? Ok well she supposed to serve 30 days but that will remains to be seen.

Lindsay Lohan Crashes Party

The Mean Girls rep states that she was attending as a friend of a friend. Regardless of who this ‘friend ‘ is, Lilo needs to get the memo that she is no longer on the A-List.  DiCaprio should be confirmation to the star, when not even he would snap a picture with her while attending the party.

Move over Kathy Griffin, we’ve got someone to join you on that D-List of yours.

Kathy Griffin Lindsay Lohan D List

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