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8 Nov

I must confess, for the longest time I was oblivious on how to apply this mascara. At first I couldn’t understand why one end was white mascara and the other was black. Who, besides Lady Gaga, wears white mascara?

Now that I actually read the packaging (duh!) while replenishing my stock last week my enthusiasm for this product just went through the roof.

Maybelline XXL Volume Mascara

I am a frequent user of false eye lashes, but quite frankly don’t have massive amounts of time to do this every time I paint my face. Maybelline’s XXL Volume Very Black Mascara gives you the look of falsies without the headache of actually having to apply them.

This mascara promises extra length and volume, 7x the volume to be exact, and they absolutely deliver on this promise.

To use this simply apply Side 1 to build the lashes, before this basecoat dries, apply Side 2, root to tip, to lock in this super-intense color. If you’re looking for a bit more intensity, repeat these steps until you reach the desired look.

Voila, you now have the amazing look of false eyelashes!

Maybelline XXL Volume Waterproof MascaraWhat’s your favorite Maybelline mascara?

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