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15 Nov


About a year ago, I noticed my skin was starting to show some wear and tear. I’ll admit, having fair skin, I didn’t exactly take care of it the way we read about in every monthly magazine. SPF wasn’t even in my vocabulary until three years ago.

In the midst of a full on poor-me moment, I confessed to my husband that I needed to do something to help somewhat renew myself. Lucky for me, he’s a supporter in health and keeping yourself looking and feeling young, so he perked me up in his usual fashion and encouraged me to look into spa treatments.

I didn’t exactly know where to start but with the help of my aesthetician during my eyebrow waxing told me exactly what I needed to start doing; microdermabrasion. I love getting these monthly facials, they are a bit pricey, but I have felt it is worth it. Here’s the thing that bothers me though, why spend so much money on keeping my skin free of all these oils and dirt just to pack back on the makeup, and trust me I shouldn’t go out in public without makeup, it would be a federal offense. I found myself needing something more.

Clarisonic Reduces Fine Lines Before After

Clarisonic Reduces Wrinkles Before After

On my last appointment I explained to my aesthetician that I am loving the treatments, and I’m definitely seeing an improvement, but I just feel guilty wearing makeup within 48 hours. She reached in her cabinet with great enthusiasm and said I needed to get a Clarisonic. I’m such a sucker for a sales pitch that I was sold when her first line was “it removes 6x more makeup, oil and dirt than if you were to use your hands”. What I should have asked next was how much is it? But instead I was relishing in the fact that, in the comfort of my home, I would be reducing visible pores as well as those fine lines and wrinkles I’m starting to develop.

Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Clarisonic has been a life skin changer. This patented sonic skin cleansing system uses a frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. It’s gentle enough to uses twice a day, which I’ll admit I only use before bedtime, but it does an amazing job of removing all those impurities. My skin hasn’t felt this soft, and might I mention, clean in over ten years. It’s kind of gross when I think about it actually.

I was given three cleansing products with the Clarisonic head but have yet to use them. I just pour on my Proactiv or Neutrogena cleanser and it works just the same, no harsh chemicals needed. I have even noticed less breakouts now, who can say no to that?

Clarisonic PLUS Charger Face Body Brush Heads Cleansers

The Clarisonic website has a variety of cleansing systems ranging from $116-$225, as well as a few fun funky colors to pick from. Don’t fret you don’t have to buy online, in doing a quick search you can grab one at your local Sephora or if you’re really fancy you can also buy at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Von Maur.

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