Girl Meets Pearl A Match Made In Heaven

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28 Nov

For the past year I’ve learned what it means to be a ‘Benefit Gal’ or as they say ‘BeneGal’. I’m also what you would say a benefitcosmetics.com “stalker”. I check their site often for new products, sales and upcoming releases. Can you tell I’m extremely committed in this relationship with my makeup products?

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Package

During one of my browsing rituals, I discovered Girl Meets Pearl. This liquid pearl contains raspberry and chamomile. It soothes your skin, even after you’ve applied your base and powder. Not in the mood for base or a powder? No need for either, simply apply to face for that perfect glow, which is what I do quite often when I’m running late.

Another added ‘Benefit’ is that it’s also a moisturizer for your skin with sesame seed oil. I was intrigued about this product claiming to give you this “glow”, so I shimmied my happy little self into my local Benefit boutique and asked for a personal demonstration of this beautiful little wonder.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Tube

My makeup consultant advised me that I could mix it with my moisturizer for a subtle glow since it was my first time trying this product. I was looking for the most glam possible so I opted to wear as a finish on top of my powder for my first attempt at a dramatic yet subtle glow and cannot explain how excited I was at the photo finish it provided. She applied it to my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose and in the corners of my eyebrows. It has truly become a staple in my makeup bag and I wear it daily to work and use it as a touch up for those nights out with my girls.

Have you tried this glowing product yet? What are your thoughts?

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