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Girl Meets Pearl A Match Made In Heaven

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28 Nov

For the past year I’ve learned what it means to be a ‘Benefit Gal’ or as they say ‘BeneGal’. I’m also what you would say a benefitcosmetics.com “stalker”. I check their site often for new products, sales and upcoming releases. Can you tell I’m extremely committed in this relationship with my makeup products? During one… read more »

This Poreless Face Primer Will Make You Too Faced

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11 Nov

Too Faced Primed Poreless Tube

I used to go tanning religiously and my fair complexion is starting to retaliate the older I get. I’ve taken notice my skin is changing and then I discovered Too Faced Primed & Poreless during a makeup trial run for my wedding, I was speechless. This skin smoothing face primer helps you achieve that twenty-something… read more »

Maybe It Really Is Maybelline

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8 Nov

XXL Volume Mascara By Maybelline

I must confess, for the longest time I was oblivious on how to apply this mascara. At first I couldn’t understand why one end was white mascara and the other was black. Who, besides Lady Gaga, wears white mascara? Now that I actually read the packaging (duh!) while replenishing my stock last week my enthusiasm… read more »

How I Benefit From Wearing Hello Flawless

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3 Nov

Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder SPF

For years my biggest complaint about my face powder was that it didn’t exactly make me a ‘cover-girl’ if you get my drift. I struggled for the longest time to match my skin tone. I always, and I can’t emphasize enough on the always part, had lines around my jaw. This left me walking around… read more »

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