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How I Benefit From Wearing Hello Flawless

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3 Nov

Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder SPF

For years my biggest complaint about my face powder was that it didn’t exactly make me a ‘cover-girl’ if you get my drift. I struggled for the longest time to match my skin tone. I always, and I can’t emphasize enough on the always part, had lines around my jaw. This left me walking around… read more »

Such A Heavenly Scent: A Victoria Secret Perfume

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27 Oct

Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume

I am always trying to find a new perfume….and recently decided to abort my mission. I have worn Victoria Secret Heavenly since it came out in 1999 and have yet to break up with it. Something about the fresh, clean smell keeps me faithful. I’m so committed in this relationship with Dream Angels – Heavenly…. read more »

A Fresh Coat Of Polish Straight From The refrigerator

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27 Oct

I don’t consider myself a hoarder in the least except when it comes to makeup and nail polish. I can never bring myself to throw away a bottle, especially when I’ve been known to spend $8 on a single shade. As a result of my polish hoarding, I’ve decided to take in the refrigerator storage… read more »