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Inside the Closet Of A Kardashian

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4 Nov

Kim Kourtney Khloe Kardashian Closets

Ever wanted to take a step inside a celebrity’s closet? InStyle recently gave us a closer look into the lives of a Kardashian sister with their feature of Kardashian Closet Confidential. One thing these sisters are known for is their classic derriere accentuating styles and countless pairs of Louboutins. Here we get a sneak peek… read more »

God Bless America Ferrera

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3 Nov

America Ferrera Roxie Hart Photocall

Have I been living under a rock for the past two years? If so this is one I need to crawl out from under, because I remember just in 2009 seeing the Ugly Betty star frolicking in the Bahamas for her [then] fourth season episodes. Now I feel almost blindsided by her stunning figure in… read more »

Back To The Slammer For Lindsay Lohan

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2 Nov

Lindsay Lohan Mugshots

I’m still debating whether this is even news-worthy. It definitely didn’t make me gasp and scream out “Oh No!” Before we get into this, let me first ask you when is the last time a celebrity, female celebrity that is, has served a full-term sentence?  Khloe Kardashian was sentenced to 30 days for violating her… read more »

Bye Bye Kris Humphries. Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce!

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31 Oct

Ryan Seacrest Twitter

I woke up near minutes ago, rolled over, grabbed my phone and went about my morning routine of checking the news, emails and gaze at morning gripes on my Facebook newsfeed. This morning something caught my eye that caused me to jump out of bed and run downstairs to where I am now; sitting in… read more »

Facebook Just Got Personal With Facebook Covers

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27 Oct

Your Love And Passion Touches

One thing I truly loved about the good ole MySpace days, were the option to make your profile….well yours! It allowed you to be creative and express yourself. It looks like Facebook finally got this memo and are in the process of allowing us to free our creative energy into our profiles yet again. We’re soon going… read more »