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Bye Bye Kris Humphries. Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce!

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31 Oct

Ryan Seacrest Twitter

I woke up near minutes ago, rolled over, grabbed my phone and went about my morning routine of checking the news, emails and gaze at morning gripes on my Facebook newsfeed. This morning something caught my eye that caused me to jump out of bed and run downstairs to where I am now; sitting in… read more »

Icing On the cupCake With Pillsbury Easy Frost: No Fuss Frosting

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28 Oct

Pillsbury Easy Frost No Fuss Frosting

Recently, my husband and I decided to have company over last minute for the big game on a Sunday night. Being the little Suzie Homemaker that I am, I instantly went into panic mode. Our pantry was almost bare in the sweets department. You can’t have a football party without something sweet!! I made my… read more »

A Thought A Day: A Five Year Journal

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28 Oct

A Thought A Day

While browsing my local Barnes & Noble bookstore recently, I came upon possibly the best idea ever invented (ok well not the best idea ever but I’m really excited about this, so bear with me here). When I spotted A Thought A Day: A Five Year Journal, the title instantly had me intrigued. I used… read more »

Facebook Just Got Personal With Facebook Covers

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27 Oct

Your Love And Passion Touches

One thing I truly loved about the good ole MySpace days, were the option to make your profile….well yours! It allowed you to be creative and express yourself. It looks like Facebook finally got this memo and are in the process of allowing us to free our creative energy into our profiles yet again. We’re soon going… read more »

Such A Heavenly Scent: A Victoria Secret Perfume

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27 Oct

Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume

I am always trying to find a new perfume….and recently decided to abort my mission. I have worn Victoria Secret Heavenly since it came out in 1999 and have yet to break up with it. Something about the fresh, clean smell keeps me faithful. I’m so committed in this relationship with Dream Angels – Heavenly…. read more »

Fergie Has Gone Bionic With The Bionic Too Wedge

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27 Oct

I am a peep toe fanatic. So when I discovered Fergie’s new Fall arrivals, my mouth began watering for these delicious new styles. The shoe that sticks out the most, and the sexy new wedge that I’m dying over, is her Bionic Too Wedge, starting at $99.  Fergie has truly reinvented and spiced up the… read more »

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